The WIS Change Your Way Of Thinking Starter Kit

What Is Stoicism?
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"Very little is needed to make a happy life," wrote Marcus Aurelius in his Meditations.

The Stoics believed that what was needed was all within yourself, in your way of thinking.

In other words, happiness isn't about externals like status, money, and possessions.

No, to be happy we simply need to practice changing our internal thoughts to more constructive ones when they are negatively impacting us.

Sounds difficult, but with practice it's possible (and worth it). This package will make it easier to start practicing.

The Change Your Way Of Thinking Starter Kit was created to help you do this.

Inside this package you'll find...

✔️ The Change Your Way Of Thinking Handbook
20 common negative thoughts and how to reframe them

✔️ The Change Your Way Of Thinking Handbook Part 2: 5 Advanced Stoic Exercises
5 core Stoic exercises to progress to after Part 1 of the handbook

✔️ The Quick Stoicism Guide
101 Short Sentences About Stoicism

✔️ 9 Stoic Journal Prompts
A simple approach to daily Stoic journaling

✔️ The WIS Ultimate Stoic Reading List
The best ancient and modern Stoicism books (updated regularly)

✔️ The WIS Stoicism Courses Guide
The best Stoicism courses you can take, both free and paid (updated regularly)

✔️ The WIS Stoicism Groups Guide
The best Stoicism groups to join, both online and in person (updated regularly)

✔️ The WIS Stoicism Podcast Guide
The best Stoicism podcasts to listen to (updated regularly)

This Stoic toolkit will give you the starting point you need to change your way of thinking.

Also included are 2 bonus books:

Book 1: 9 Morning Affirmations To Set Up A Stoic Day

If you are to change your way of thinking, you'll need to practice every single day.

Cement your thoughts by reminding yourself of them. Say them out loud. Allow your mind to automatically absorb and repeat them.

This short bonus book outlines 9 affirmations you can use to set up a Stoic day and, as they become habitual, change your thinking and set up a Stoic life.

Book 2: 21 Counter-intuitive Stoic Life Lessons

The most striking lessons are the ones that challenge our long-held beliefs or just plain don’t make sense to us on the surface.

But the surface, by nature, is shallow. In-keeping with so much of Stoic practice, the real rewards are to be found beyond initial impressions.

This book looks at 21 short Stoic life lessons that initially sound counter-intuitive. For each lesson, the Stoic source that inspired it is provided followed by a brief meditation on what it means and how it can benefit you.

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The WIS Change Your Way Of Thinking Starter Kit

5 ratings
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